Play for wood industry of BSFLP visit XianRenDa on behalf of the cash flow of flood
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Play for wood industry of BSFLP visit XianRenDa on behalf of the cash flow of flood
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  "As a business owner wooden play , I was elected deputies have an obligation to play for the wood industry development suggestions ." Fifth session of the National People's Congress meeting held soon, the reporter interviewed the county deputies, general manager Jinmao Ltd. flood flows .
  Hung said cash flow , count this term , he has served three deputies , for the "two sessions" , he extra attention every year , because he felt that it was playing for the county wood industry suggestions to promote wood play an opportunity for industrial development.
  " Under the influence of a number of domestic and international factors, the global financial crisis, the European debt crisis , the county's timber industry will usher in playing a greater challenge, but opportunities exist ." Cash flow Hung said that since that time , he has been visited businesses and voters , voters listen to the voice of business and actively preparing the motion.
  Then, in the "two sessions" this year , cash flow洪提post bill would place different from the past ? "We have to play the entire wood industry for ' two sessions ' high expectations , hoping to pass the sound a lot , these days , I've been finishing ." Cash flow Hung said that the NPC motion , or on how to speed up the wooden play industrial development, However, the motion is more comprehensive than ever deeper .
  He said , after playing with many wood industries voters deliberation, they believe , the motion should include three aspects . " The first one is about the government and departments on how to play the development of wood industry to provide better service , and create a better atmosphere ; second aspect is about to further improve the mechanism for the wooden play to win more business support policies ." Hung said the cash flow , the focus is a third aspect to the development of the wood industry training follow- play talent , promote industrial restructuring and upgrading wooden play .
  "Opportunities to put in front of us , the key is to see if we can not be able to accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading ." Hung said cash flow in recent years, the county government attaches great importance to the industrial transformation and upgrading , the ability to successfully upgrade the one hand, business owners need changing attitudes and improving their thinking and understanding , it also requires more personnel.
  "Our proposal will lead to the government and relevant departments of the attention ." Cash flow Hung said he believed that , under the county government attaches great importance , as long as united as one, speeding up industrial restructuring and upgrading , wood industry will be able to play a greater development .